We practice human centred design, a people first approach with a focus on good health and wellbeing. Quality indoor and exterior environments are coupled with project specific research for energy, emission and waste reduction, responsible water use and materials selection, creating a sense of purpose, place and beauty.

Sustainability is one the crucial pillars of Paterson Architects' design philosophy. We embrace the United Nations Sustainability Goals and an understanding of how sustainable design and performance tools have evolved past a building centric outcome to a more holistic health and wellbeing of mind and body.

We develop core strategies based on research, viability and feasibility working with our clients, to clearly understand their vision and together to develop a brief based on their aspirations and core values

Based on that brief we then work with consultant teams, communicating and testing ideas, always informing and involving our client to maintain social, environmental and economic balance.

Biophilic design is a core consideration.to enhance beauty and sense of place.

After completion we seek feedback, client and end users. The process of sustainable design is cyclic. We embrace research, analysis, adaptation and review.