Once this stage of work begins, the design is understood by all members of the design team. It is now that detailed drawings, specifications and schedules are produced, all with the aim of instructing a builder on what is to be built and the construction methodology. If not previously completed, documents are submitted to the Local Authority for a Building Licence to commence construction and the method of choosing a builder is finalised.

During this stage, we typically:

  • Assess the outcomes of the Development Application
  • Develop the Brief to a detailed room-by-room level
  • Confirm selections of material and colours
  • Check all design work against regulatory and statutory codes
  • Meet with you on a regular basis to gather information and seek feedback on the design
  • Coordinate and incorporate detailed engineering data
  • Refine the project cost estimates with a specialist consultant
  • Provide detailed architectural documents in the form of drawings and written documents (Specification¹), suitable to instruct a builder to construct your project
  • Issue a report for your review and approval before we proceed to the next stage of work
  • Submit documentation to the Local Authority for a Building Licence² on your behalf
  • Seek your approval to proceed to Tender³
  • Prepare Contract Documents necessary to execute a building Contract
  • Respond to Tenderer’s enquiries during the advertising period
  • Report the Tender results back to you and discuss the next step


  • 1. Specification – A written document split into two principal parts; the first describes how a builder must act under Contract, the second describes how a builder must build the various elements that combine to generate a completed building.

  • 2. Building Licence (BL) – Another submission to the Local Authority requesting a licence to build the project proposed earlier in the DA submission. The Local Authority will confirm the documents accurately reflect the approved designed and approve the commencement of construction once a technical review of architectural and engineering information is completed.

  • 3. Tender – The process of offering two or more builders the opportunity to submit a price to construct the proposed building as documented. Tenders can be open to all registered builders in the State or open to a selected group of builders, depending on our Client’s requirements.