During this stage we, along with the engineering team, work with the builder to ensure compliance with the documents is met. Our traditional role is to administer a building Contract, formed between our Client and a builder. This often entails issues associated with quality, compliance, cost and time. Once construction is complete, we are typically involved in a warranty period for the building and our role is to monitor the successful completion of outstanding or defective items by working with the Client and builder..

The Construction Process requires that we:

  • Inspect the works undertaken by the selected builder and check for compliance against the Contract Documents
  • Monitor progress of the works
  • Monitor the financial aspects of the project, often in conjunction with a specialist consultant and certify that monetary claims made by the builder are fair and reasonable
  • Seek operational and maintenance manuals from the builder, including As-Constructed drawings¹
  • Monitor the building during the Defects Liability period² and initiate corrective actions
  • Evaluate the building after you have occupied and “tested” all aspects of the project


  • 1. As-Constructed Drawings – These are record documents kept by the builder during the construction stage of a project which describe any variation to the work and accurately measure the locations of services in the ground. They are particularly useful documents for our Clients if it becomes necessary to add to, or alter, their buildings in the future.

  • 2. Defects Liability Period – In general terms this represents a warranty for your new building, provided by the builder, for a typical period of twelve months. During this time the builder is required to attend to incomplete and/or defective works apparent at handover of the building or that manifest during the Defects Liability period.