Our Mind Wide Open approach to Human Centred Design is the basis of our development or analysis of the brief to help determine the project vision, and sustainability goals. A rigorous process of determining what is desirable, what is viable and what is feasible is undertaken. Communication and consultation is paramount. We seek to engage with consultants, regulatory and approval authorities, industry experts and accreditation agencies to provide our clients with comfort and confidence in our services.

During the Dynamic Design Process, we typically:

  • Meet you for the first time and discuss your initial vision and briefing requirements
  • Develop a Brief¹
  • Undergo functional analysis based on both people and place
  • Meet with you on a regular basis to gather information and seek feedback on the Brief
  • Make sure
  • Present Concept Design drawings and options
  • Discuss preliminary specialist consultant requirements and input
  • Discuss the requirements of the Local Authority and statutory agencies that may have an influence over the design
  • Seek an opinion of probable cost provided by a specialist consultant
  • Present final Concept Design drawings
  • Issue a report for your review and approval before we proceed to the next stage of work
  • Submit documentation to the Local Authority for a Development Application² on your behalf


  • 1. Brief – A written document that summarises the aspirations of a project, as described to us by our clients. Our Brief documents are actually split into two distinct parts and reflect the level of detail know at any particular time. By its very nature a Brief is an incomplete document, modified on a regular basis as a project develops.

  • 2. Development Application (DA) – A submission to the Local Authority having jurisdiction over the land upon which the project is to be built. A DA submission typically will involve a set of drawings, a written statement, the necessary forms signed by the land owner and a processing fee charged by the Local Authority.